ChatGPT has been a groundbreaking application from Open AI. Clearly, one of the most used applications in the past quarter.

The number of users using the application spiked immediately after its launch. We have been using it since its launch and we love it, to say the least. The popularity of ChatGPT could be imagined by the time it took to hit 1 million users – just 5 days.

When it comes to cold outreach, it is imperative to write the right ChatGPT prompts to get the best out of it. Prompts are commands that generate answers to the questions you may have.

As a frequent user of ChatGPT, we can help you with prompts to write an effective cold email, social media messages, etc. All the prompts are tried and tested, feel free to use them!

How to generate high-quality responses from ChatGPT Prompts?

Before we get started on generating responses, we need to understand how to generate high-quality, accurate and concise responses.

The key is to feed the right ChatGPT Prompts, here are a few tips you can follow while using the application to get the best out of it:

1. Be clear

You gotta be very clear on what you want from ChatGPT, use specific prompts. Try to add more details. In the below examples, you will be able to see why this is important.

2. Give some context

Helping ChatGPT with some context in your prompts makes the responses more appropriate. For example, I am a digital payment company targeting co-working spaces, write an email to the VP of Facilities about my company.

3. Be Concise

While ChatGPT can read and respond to long prompts, it is better to keep your prompts short and avoid any unnecessary information. At the same time, don’t shy away from including all the necessary information.

4. Make sure to include constraints

ChatGPT will respond much better to your prompts if you include any constraints. Including constraints is one of the efficient ways to generate the best responses.

For example, Write a sales email to the Director of Sales asking about SDRs struggling to book meetings, and avoid spam words.

5. Include Roles

ChatGPT can act as the person you want it to be. This is helpful in understanding your buyer persona and facing any questions or objections that might come your way.

You can ask ChatGPT to stay in the character so you can come back and continue the conversation in the future.

6. Try and Test

Talking with ChatGPT is like experimenting in a science lab. You always have to try your prompts, test them and adjust them to give you the best responses. Nobody gets it right on the first go. You gotta play with it to get it right.

Here’s how you can make ChatGPT Prompts work wonders for you:

1. ChatGPT Prompts to come up with a buyer persona

Fixing a buyer persona is the first step to starting a cold outreach. It does take many iterations, trial and error to do it manually. But thank god, ChatGPT is here to the rescue. Here are a couple of example prompts to get things started.

> Prompt 1 – Can you help me with ideal customer profiles for a Sales Engagement Platform? Help me with the type of industry, company size, region, and roles to go after.

> Prompt 2 – Can I target the financial services companies being a Sales Engagement Platform? Help with the company sizes to go after with reasoning

2. Prompts to help you decide on the reach-out channels

Deciding on the channels is essentially Step 2. Although you should reach out to your audience on the channel they are most active on, ChatGPT will help you to explore alternatives that can be tried in the future.

> Prompt 1 – Starting a cold reach-out campaign soon, what are the channels to reach out for a Sales Engagement Platform Company?

> Prompt 2 – Will LinkedIn and Email alone work for cold outreach?

3. ChatGPT Prompts to write cold emails

Okay, here’s the most interesting application of ChatGPT. You can not only use it to decide the market but also use it to write content while you reach out to them.

To get the right answer, it is important to key in the right prompts. Let’s begin slowly and build it up to see how ChatGPT responds.

> Prompt 1 – Write a cold email for a Sales Engagement Platform

> Prompt 2 – Write a cold email for a Sales Engagement Platform within 120 words

> Prompt 3 – Write a cold email for a Sales Engagement Platform trying to sell to the VP who is struggling to book qualified meetings

> Prompt 4 – Make it more personalized

> Prompt 5 – Add a call to action that would make the prospect click/reply

> Prompt 6 – Can you make the email quite formal yet conversational?

4. Unleashing the power of ChatGPT prompts to write Subject Lines

Now you have emails for reaching out, next are the subject lines to go with and it is astonishing to look at what ChatGPT could do to make the emails open-able and clickable.

That is exactly what SDRs have been struggling with, after all.

> Prompt 1 – Generate 15 subject lines for the email

> Prompt 2 – Optimize the subject lines to 7 words or less

> Prompt 3 – Make the subject lines attention-grabbing and compatible to mobile views

5. Did you get a chance to……..?

If your follow-up emails start something like this, immediately seek ChatGPT’s help to come up with unique and creative follow-up emails. Follow-ups serve as a gentle reminder to the prospect about the previous emails.

According to a study by Hubspot, it takes an average of 8 follow-ups to garner a response from potential customers. Make use of these 3 creative ChatGPT prompts to up your follow-up game.

> Prompt 1 – Generate 4 follow-ups for the above email.

> Prompt 2 – Could you also share 2nd variant for each of these 4 emails
> Prompt 3 – Could you suggest an alternate break-up email, let it be humorous

6. Let’s play with existing emails now

More often than not, SDRs send emails to potential customers with typos and mistakes.

ChatGPT does not only help you with new emails but also can check for errors in already written emails.

You can write ChatGPT prompts to check the tone of the email, suggest edits and proofread.

> Prompt 1 – Can you help me concisely write this email?

> Prompt 2 – Can you proofread this email?
> Prompt 3 – Can you change the tone of this email to be friendly?

7. Improve Email metrics

Are you skeptical of your emails landing in spam?

It can be tough to figure out what to do in these situations, as your email campaign will take a hit if you don’t act immediately.

You can ask ChatGPT to help you improve your email deliverability.

> Prompt 1 – Suggest ways to improve email deliverability.

> Prompt 2 – How can I measure my email deliverability?

PS: If you are looking to improve your sales metrics, try Salesgear. Our email delivery rate is 90%, the highest in the market.

8. For a specific ICP

You can go one step further and ask ChatGPT to help you with an email for a very specific buyer persona. It might go something like this:

> Prompt – Write an email to a SaaS company that uses multiple tools for Sales Engagement. They can save a lot of time and money by using a unified Sales Engagement Platform that provides Database, Engagement, and Writing Assistant.

9. ChatGPT prompts for LinkedIn reach out

Now that you have figured out Email campaigns with the help of ChatGPT, it is now time to move across channels and see if it can help us with LinkedIn messaging and follow-ups.

> Prompt 1 – Write an invitation message to send to people on LinkedIn, keep it within 300 characters

> Prompt 2 – Create a message about the Sales Engagement Platform I work for to send to people who get connected on LinkedIn – word count not more than 150
> Prompt 3 – Write 3 follow-up messages to send on LinkedIn for the above message
> Prompt 4 – Write a LinkedIn message to the CEO of a Tech Startup about the Sales Engagement Platform with a Database of over 200+ million users, Email Sequencer with 90% deliverability, and a Writing assistant to help SDRs save time

10. Let’s see if we can draft Cold Call scripts using ChatGPT prompts

To reach out to your audience via cold calling, you need a strong script that handles the questions and rejections well. And coming up with something like this will take a few iterations to perfect.

But with the ChatGPT application, you can draft calling scripts with the snap of a finger. Again, you need to feed the right prompts.

> Prompt 1 – Can you come up with a call script pitching a Sales Engagement Platform that provides a database, email sequencer and AI Writing assistant?

> Prompt 2 – Can you come up with a phone call script for a Sales Engagement Platform company pitching to the Director of Sales, convincing him/her to go through the emails you have sent

> Prompt 3 – Can you come up with a phone call script for a Sales Engagement Platform company pitching to the CEO, convincing him/her to come on a demo call
> Prompt 4 – Help me with a calling script for a company using a competitor’s product.

Points to remember

  1. If you’re impressed with any of the responses, you can hit the ‘Thumbs up’ button on the right of the response. This will help ChatGPT understand your likings and produce similar results in your future conversations.
  2. At the same time, if you don’t like a response you can hit the dislike button and click on ‘Regenerate Response’. 
  3. ChatGPT is still under training and the quality of the responses depends on the data it is being trained on and the prompts the users feed.
  4. ChatGPT is only here to aid not to replace anybody (At least, not immediately).
  5. The application is ever-evolving, you may see a lot of new features coming in and you may have to pay for ChatGPT at some point.

Salesgear’s AI Products

The world is turning towards AI faster than you can think. The application of AI has spread across industries. You don’t have to worry about being replaced by AI if you swim with the tide and start using AI applications.

1.  Salesgear’s AI Writing Assistant

We were early to realize that AI is going to cause disruption and were quick to jump on the opportunity to get ahead of the competition.

The first AI product we built was to help people write emails better, faster, and smarter.

AI Writing Assistant can write a new copy, rewrite an email and craft witty subject lines.

Salesgear has built the Writing Assistant to aid copywriters in writing unique, creative and compelling emails from scratch. It can help you break through the noise by crafting persuasive sales emails and subject lines.

2. ChatGPT For Gmail

We released ChatGPT for Gmail because reps are struggling to come up with new emails and are spending a lot of time in writing which they should be spending on actually selling.

This is the ultimate tool for crafting emails that garner replies, generate subject lines that make the prospects open the email, get real-time readability and spam scores to optimize your emails and use prompts to change the tone of the email and draft the emails to suit your style of writing.

The best part is that the plugin is completely free, you don’t need an OpenAI account or you don’t have to be on the waiting list for your queries to be answered. What are you waiting for? Give it a spin.

Final Thoughts

Using ChatGPT to write emails has a lot of benefits. It is cost-effective and you can write emails in a jiffy – saves a ton of time. ChatGPT can generate quality content because it is being trained constantly to improve itself.

Everyone at the moment is using ChatGPT to their advantage, not boarding that train would be foolish. Mind you, ChatGPT is still not trained to replace an actual salesperson with experience, it could only help you now.

Every piece of content that ChatGPT generates still needs a human touch. Salespeople should still put effort and time into email campaigns to yield the best possible results.

But you can use it to generate email copies, and subject lines and proofread emails.