Gain instant insights into every website visitor in real time

Align your sales approach with modern buyer's journey by tracking website visitors data

“I've used probably close to 10 different sales engagement platforms and prospecting tools since beginning my career. Salesgear is one of the easiest tools to use, hands down! It's super user friendly and makes it easy to manage multiple clients all in one account. Since we help prospect for our clients, tools in the past made us get different accounts and it was just a mess and expensive. But having all campaigns in one single spot is amazing!”

Saravana Kumar
Saravana Kumar

Founder and CEO at

Create targeted outbound lists with B2B website visitor tracking

- Determine prospects' interests and actions by identifying their visited pages

- Segment prospects based on website interactions and behavior

Leverage B2B website tracking to schedule well-timed follow ups via emails, LinkedIn, and calls

- Personalize outbound emails based on prospects' interactions on website

- Monitor prospect engagement, readiness to purchase, and send timely follow ups

- Set up automated outreach messages triggered when prospects reach specific milestones

Know when your buyers are ready to engage with the sales team

- Identify the precise timing of prospects' website visits and interactions

- Analyze frequency to determine the optimal time for follow-up

Amplify Outbound Success with Salesgear's B2B Website Tracking

“At Lamdatest, sales teams close deals fast. Velocity is key for us. With Salesgear, our sales leaders are able to scale best practices in record time. Today, sales teams focus more time on closing deals and less on manual tasks.”

Somesh Ojha
Somesh Ojha

Director - Enterprise Account at LambdaTest

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