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Empowering 1,000+sales leaders and representatives to build a stronger sales pipeline.

“As a lead generation company, we deliver 1000s of meetings to our customers. We use Salesgear to create and execute multiple sales sequences at once. The platform is super easy to use. Our SDRs love Salesgear because it helps them set up more meetings.“

Erik Paulson
Erik Paulson

CEO at Vendisys

4 simple steps to help you build a successful outbound engine.

  • 1Find the right buyers for your business in a click.
  • 2Craft compelling messages with AI writing assistant.
  • 3Reach buyers on every channel they are active on.
  • 4Book more revenue generating meetings.
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CEOSAAS> $10 M RevenueUSA
Jessica Smith
Jessica Smithlink
Cheif Operating Officer @ Salesforce
Steve Ryan
Steve Ryanlink
Cheif Operating Officer @ BOXT
Ashley Williams
Ashley Williamslink
Hiring Manager @ Hubspot

Build an accurate and up-to-date list of all your prospective buyers in seconds

Simplify your outbound list-building activities by navigating through 1000s of potential buyers from a database of over 200 million records.

“An average salesperson spends about 2.5 hours per day, or roughly 30% of the workday, searching for information”

From direct dials to verified email addresses, discover all your buyers' contact information in a click

With verified emails and phone numbers, reach more inboxes and increase call connects to generate hundreds of qualified leads every month.

“Having tested and compared sales engagement platforms over time, we can say with confidence that Salesgear offers a robust user experience, CRM integration, and scalability”
Srikrishna Swaminathan | CEO


Take the tedious task of sequence writing off your plate. Generate sales sequences that convert

Effortlessly craft compelling sequences across different channels, such as email, phone, and LinkedIn, in seconds to boost engagement and conversions.

“81% of businesses agree that poorly written material wastes a lot of their time. A majority say that what they read is frequently ineffective because it's too long, poorly organized, or unclear.”

Write your email copies faster with AI

Need help generating a subject line, writing your email copy or optimizing an existing email? The Writing Assistant gets all your outbound messaging done in seconds.

“Writing assistant has been a real lifesaver for me. One of the most notable improvements I've seen is the ability to generate more interesting and compelling subject lines for my emails.”
Pradeep Muruganandam | Founder & CEO


Generating your
outbound sequence ...
emailStep 1: Email

Boost Deals with AI Magic?

Hey [Name], I know someone who uses AI magic to transform lost deals into new revenue for 250+ companies? Curious? Let's chat and I'll introduce you.

Step 1: Call

Call Script

Hey [Name], it's Jamie from [Company]. Remember our chat about AI-powered CRM? Let's discuss how it can boost your revenue and win more deals. Can we chat for a minute?

Step 1: Linkedin

Linkedin Message

Hi [Name], just wanted to quickly follow up on the voicemail I left. 250+ companies recovered >$100M revenue from deals marked lost. I can't wait to see what Magic the AI can do for you. Can we chat soon?

New Message
ToJessica Smith
Salesgear: Let's Talk!
Generate Subject Line
Hey Jessica,
I heard you're interested in Salesgear, and let me tell you,
it's a game-changer!
Say goodbye to tedious sales scripts and manual prospecting
Salesgear simplifies everything with the power of AI
It's like having a personal sales assistant that works
around the clock without the need for a salary!
Don't believe me? Let's hop on a demo call and see
Salesgear in action.
Day 1
emailAuto Email
Sales Repo
Email Sent576
Open Rate73%
Click Rate38%
Reply Rate17%
Day 3
phonePhone Call
Day 5
Day 7
chatSMS + Voice Drop

Reach buyers on their most active channels

Leverage the multi-channel approach to reach your buyers on the channel they prefer, as not everyone on your outbound prospecting list is listening on the same frequency.

”According to the TOPO SDR Benchmark Report, 80% of world-class sales development representatives teams use at least three channels and deliver at least 15.5 touches per contact.”

Reach more inboxes not spam

Improve your email deliverability and increase visibility in the recipient's inbox with the help of built-in intelligent domain rotation and support for multiple inboxes.

”With Salesgear, we are able to land 90% of the emails in inboxes, which is driving open rates upwards of 75%”
Erik Paulson | CEO


One click meeting scheduler

With 1 click scheduling, reduce the number of email exchanges to find a time that works for both parties. Every time a contact books a meeting, it will be automatically removed from the list without any manual intervention.

“In their 2020 Sales Performance Optimization Study, they found that businesses that use appointment scheduling software experience a 9.4% increase in sales productivity.”CSO Insight

Book more revenue generating meetings

Create multiple types of meetings and events to target specific outbound campaigns with customized calendar event URLs and book more meetings to turn scheduling into a revenue-generating strategic asset.

CSO Insight
Monday 09:00 - 09:30 AM
Works Wherever Your Team Works

Works seamlessly with all of your favorite CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive and ZOHO

Easily access and update buyer information, schedule follow-up tasks, make calls and send emails directly from the CRM without having to switch tabs.

Get started in seconds

“Having tested and compared sales engagement platforms over time, we can say with confidence that Salesgear offers a robust user experience, CRM integration, and scalability”

Srikrishna Swaminathan
Srikrishna Swaminathan

CEO at Factors.AI

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