An all-in-one sales engagement platform, built for future

Leverage AI to send highly personalized emails that land in your prospect's inbox and get better opens, responses, and enjoy a pipeline full of leads. Run automated & targeted sequences to these leads & solve their pain points easily. Use reports to analyze & figure out what's the next best action, best channel & time to follow-up and close the deal effortlessly.

  • arrow_forward_iosSave hours everyday by hyper-automating your workflows without lifting a finger. Companies using Salesgear consistently achieve high levels of target achievement and customer satisfaction.
  • arrow_forward_iosGive a human touch to your automated emails through personalization. Companies using Salesgear send emotion-packed messages, providing added confidence to their prospects in understanding their pain points.
  • arrow_forward_iosLet your emails land in your prospects' inbox all the time. Companies using Salesgear have shown better email deliverability rates and response rates.
  • arrow_forward_iosStop guessing the future based on the past and start taking data-driven & performance-based decisions. Schedule the perfect time to follow-up with your prospects. Companies using Salesgear have let data guide their outreach development to close more deals everyday.
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We co-innovate, faster

We never build a feature and ask our customers to try it out. Instead, we achieve “Building the best for sales teams” through having productive conversations with our customers. We ask our customers for the issues they are facing currently and then develop solutions accordingly.

  • arrow_forward_iosWe do weekly releases to ensure our customers get best-in-class features to keep their games running smoothly.
  • arrow_forward_iosWe work with our customers to shape our product roadmap so they have what they want on the schedule they prefer.
  • arrow_forward_iosOur founding team has 50+ years combined technology experience in building sales tech SaaS products. So, we never fail to leverage Salesgear with the latest technologies.
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We are partners in your success

Business development and sales are expertise areas of the Salesgear team. With our experience, we help each sales rep in your organization sell like a pro. We scale your best practices with a combination of our real-world expertise, resources, and community to help your team succeed.

  • arrow_forward_iosWe have experts that can help you shape your sales team's outbound strategy. So, learn from the team who has built and scaled outbound engines in some of the top SaaS companies.
  • arrow_forward_iosWe put the needs of our customers first. We don't just recommend using Salesgear; we also provide real-time solutions you can use anywhere :)
  • arrow_forward_iosAny time, anywhere, we have a dedicated customer success and support team ready to help. Just say hi, we respond in a flash.
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That's the power of an effective Sales Engagement Platform.

Crush your quota & unlock predictable revenue with a flexible Sales Engagement Platform.

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