Keep your cold emails away from spam

Maximize your email deliverability by consistently showing up in your prospect's inbox; not the spam folder

“As a lead generation company, we deliver 1000s of meetings to our customers. We use Salesgear to create and execute multiple sales sequences at once. The platform is super easy to use. Our SDRs love Salesgear because it helps them set up more meetings.“

Erik Paulson
Erik Paulson

CEO at Vendisys

Validate, Reach, Succeed

- Avoid sending emails to wrong email addresses

- Validate emails automatically with Salesgear's email validator

- Reduce bounce rate and increase email deliverability rate

Scale campaigns without taking a hit on email deliverability

- Don't be confined by the limitations of your email provider. Send more than 10,000 emails daily straight to prospects' inboxes

- Distribute email sending volume across accounts to minimize the impact of deliverability issues on any specific email account

- Reduce the chance of getting caught by spam filters by spreading out emails across various email accounts

Optimize your emails for deliverability

- Rapidly identify and resolve spam words in real-time to boost email deliverability with cutting-edge AI-powered technology

- Leverage readability scoring to ensure your emails are simple and attention-grabbing for your prospects

- Get more emails to inbox with customized URLs for unsubscribe, open, and click tracking

Land in the prospect's inbox

- Warmup your email account within a community of genuine inboxes to boost your email sender reputation score.

- Enjoy automatic email opens, prioritization, and escape from spam, leading to higher outreach success.

Take email deliverability to next level with DHC

- Monitor SPF, DKIM, DMARC 24/7 for email authentication with Salesgear's Domain Health Center

- Identify where your emails land - in spam or inbox and optimize email deliverability

Experience the joy of achieving higher email deliverability rate with Salesgear

“Having tested and compared sales engagement platforms over time, we can say with confidence that Salesgear offers a robust user experience, CRM integration, and scalability”

Srikrishna Swaminathan
Srikrishna Swaminathan

CEO at Factors.AI

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