Drive sales productivity by automating workflows between Salesgear & other tools

Automate your manual workflows end-to-end by connecting Salesgear with more than 3,000 applications through Zapier. Keep all activities and data synced across sales and marketing teams across the multiple apps in use.

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Automate your repeatable tasks within any tool

Every single automated workflow's heart beats “When this happens, do that.” Break down the most complex automation into such simple steps with our integration with Zapier.

  • arrow_forward_iosAdd newly unsubscribed contacts from Salesgear to Google sheets as rows.
  • arrow_forward_iosSync all the activities happening in Salesgear automatically to any CRM of your choice such as Close, Copper, & more by creating automated workflows through Zapier.
  • arrow_forward_iosAuto-fill your Calendly or Google Calendar with meetings based on your engagement data in Salesgear.
  • arrow_forward_iosCreate similar automated workflows to save more time and reduce manual mistakes by integrating Salesgear with any app you want.
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Scale up productivity with the ability to connect with more than 3000 apps

Use Salesgear + Zapier triggers and actions to implement smart workflows and create processes you never imagined possible.

  • arrow_forward_iosMake automatic changes in other applications whenever there is an event happening in Salesgear like email sent, opened, replied, bounced, clicked, and contact opt-out.
  • arrow_forward_iosCreate or update a contact in Salesgear automatically whenever there is a trigger fired from another application.
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Connect Salesgear with 3000+ apps to create infinite automated workflows

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