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“Having tested and compared sales engagement platforms over time, we can say with confidence that Salesgear offers a robust user experience, CRM integration, and scalability”

Srikrishna Swaminathan
Srikrishna Swaminathan

CEO at Factors.AI

Automate all the updates into your CRM

Integrate Salesgear with your CRM and get each and every event automatically updated into the system. Get all your updates from your CRM without switching between hundred tabs.

With Zapier, automate your workflows with 5000+ apps

Sync and pull up all contacts across 5000+ apps. All updates will reflect in your apps automatically whenever there's a change in Salesgear's events.

Never miss an opportunity to take the right action with your contacts.

Boost your engagement with your prospects by scheduling automated workflows based on their behavior and product usage

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“At Lamdatest, sales teams close deals fast. Velocity is key for us. With Salesgear, our sales leaders are able to scale best practices in record time. Today, sales teams focus more time on closing deals and less on manual tasks.”

Somesh Ojha
Somesh Ojha

Director - Enterprise Account at LambdaTest

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