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Use Salesgear to send personalized emails, automated follow-ups, get more responses, and book more meetings. Generate, nurture, and close warm leads with the perfect outbound strategy & tool.

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Engage contacts across multiple channels in a single window

Choosing the right channel of communication is key for outbound lead generation. "The right channel" doesn't mean the one you prefer. It is the channel that gets your message to the buyer. You can create sequences with different touch points across multiple channels with Salesgear, including emails, phone calls, social media, and any custom task you need to accomplish.

  • arrow_forward_iosSend personalized emails that hit your prospects' inboxes
  • arrow_forward_iosEmploy dialer to schedule, make, record, and log calls with zero friction
  • arrow_forward_iosCustomize your LinkedIn invitations & messages to relate to your prospects' interests. All within Salesgear and without being flagged by LinkedIn.
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Make your automated emails humanized with Salesgear's AI Writing Assistant

Reps have a lot of responsibilities other than selling. But wasting your valuable time in writing multiple versions of emails shouldn't be one anymore! Let our AI Writing Assistant draft your emails.

  • arrow_forward_iosAuto-generate intriguing subject lines for your emails to catch your prospects' attention & boost your open rates
  • arrow_forward_iosGenerate multiple versions of your original email and choose the one that you prefer
  • arrow_forward_iosLeverage the power of AI and use our writing assistant to write LinkedIn introductions
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Take back control of your time to be more productive

Bid goodbye to all the manual data entry and redundant tasks. Automate your everyday sales process. Turn your outbound strategy into a well-oiled machine.

  • arrow_forward_iosStrategize a comfortable sales cycle and replicate it across the team with automated playbooks.
  • arrow_forward_iosTurn your best performing emails into templates and reuse them to save hours everyday.
  • arrow_forward_iosLeverage triggers and actions to get rid of all the mundane tasks that are killing your productivity
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Step up your outbound game with data-driven insights

Track your team's progress & make performance-based decisions with auto-generated reports. Find insights on team's productivity, conversations with customers, and channel effectiveness with a flick of a switch & make the right decisions.

  • arrow_forward_iosIdentify top performers, replicate, and preach the best practices across the team.
  • arrow_forward_iosKnow how your reps are performing. Find loopholes and make your reps' day more productive. Keep executing & sharing your high-performing insights with your team to make actionable decisions.
  • arrow_forward_iosDetermine the effective email templates that work, the best channel, the right time to reach out to your prospects. When something works the best, automate & keep replicating it.
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Drive outbound leads at a strong pace with Salesgear

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