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Get useful insights on your outbound prospecting campaigns and take data-driven decisions. Stay ahead of the game by tracking your progress with Salesgear's detailed reports & analytics.

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Unlock the power of sequence metrics & take more control over your performance than before

Each and every step in your sales process is quantifiable. What's challenging is knowing when to track each metric. That's why Salesgear's sequence analytics is here to help.

  • arrow_forward_iosGet a birds eye view of your contacts' status in every sequence. Set future sales targets based on their trends.
  • arrow_forward_iosSet goals for your upcoming campaigns by tracking your current email engagement metrics like opens, clicks, replies, and bounces.
  • arrow_forward_iosTake out the guesswork and evaluate the impact of different email variants on your prospects using A/B testing reports.
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Assess how your sales team performs to make them stronger

Every sales team operates in a face-paced environment and has a wide range of activities to perform every day. Hence, a well-defined analytics strategy can provide your team with clarity so they can concentrate on doing what they do best.

  • arrow_forward_iosOptimize your reps' sales activities, and improve accountability with Salesgear's team reports.
  • arrow_forward_iosGet a detailed view on the number of contacts added, emails sent, calls & tasks executed by each of your team members.
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Leverage phone call insights to learn lessons from every cold call you make

Every sales call has a wealth of information that can help in solving your prospect's requirements and guide you in closing the deal. So, never forget to record a sales call!

  • arrow_forward_iosRecord every single call and learn actionable insights from conversations for your own growth and for team-wide training and coaching.
  • arrow_forward_iosImprove the buyer's journey and customer experience by giving yourself insights into how you can tailor future communication and interactions.
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Measure every activity, determine your revenue, and set realistic goals for your sales team.

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