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“As a lead generation company, we deliver 1000s of meetings to our customers. We use Salesgear to create and execute multiple sales sequences at once. The platform is super easy to use. Our SDRs love Salesgear because it helps them set up more meetings.“

Erik Paulson
Erik Paulson

CEO at Vendisys

AI-powered writing assistant to generate smart automated emails

Salespeople ought to focus solely on selling. But if you are using Outreach, you are probably hindering your productivity with a lot of non-revenue generating activities like writing different versions of emails manually.

Unlike Outreach, Salesgear has an AI-powered writing assistant to help you -

  • arrow_forward_iosAuto-generate intriguing subject lines for your emails to catch your prospects' attention & boost your open rates.
  • arrow_forward_iosGenerate multiple versions of your original email and choose the one that you prefer.
  • arrow_forward_iosLeverage the power of AI and use our writing assistant to write LinkedIn introductions.
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Keep spam filters at bay with Salesgear

Stop sending emails that end up straight in your prospects' spam folders. Unlike Outreach, Salesgear ensures high email deliverability with powerful features.

  • arrow_forward_iosUse throttling to send the right amount of emails everyday.
  • arrow_forward_iosAdd a custom URL to define reputation with your email recipients & ensure higher email deliverability rates.
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Don't lose sleep over getting support

With Outreach, you don't get a support team to address your questions & doubts. Moreover, you'll have to pay extra to get an account manager.

Salesgear, on the other hand, offers -

  • arrow_forward_iosPriority support 24x7. We'll be there in no time to assist you.
  • arrow_forward_iosA dedicated account manager for your team with no extra charges.
  • arrow_forward_iosFree outbound consultation from our expert to turn your outbound strategy into a well-oiled machine.
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Bidirectional CRM integrations

Unlike Outreach, Salesgear has native and deep integration with your favorite CRMs like Pipedrive, Hubspot, Salesforce, and Zoho with which you can -

  • arrow_forward_iosAutomatically import contacts of a list from your CRM to Salesgear based on your specified timeline.
  • arrow_forward_iosUpdate the existing contacts in Salesgear automatically if there's a change in the CRM.
  • arrow_forward_iosAutomatically sync contacts and engagement data like email opens, clicks, replies, calls, and tasks from Salesgear to your CRM.
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Transparent pricing plans

Outreach's pricing begins at $100/user/month on a yearly basis. However, you must contact their sales team to receive this quote. Their pricing page lacks any pricing information.

However, Salesgear offers -

  • arrow_forward_iosTwo simple, affordable, and transparent pricing plans and a freemium plan where you can experience basic features for free. It can be either monthly or annually. The choice is yours.
  • arrow_forward_iosA 14-day free trial with all the features available in our Pro plan is available as well. No credit card. No surprises.
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Crush Your Sales Quota With The Most Effective Outreach Alternative

“At Lamdatest, sales teams close deals fast. Velocity is key for us. With Salesgear, our sales leaders are able to scale best practices in record time. Today, sales teams focus more time on closing deals and less on manual tasks.”

Somesh Ojha
Somesh Ojha

Director - Enterprise Account at LambdaTest

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