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8 Best Sales Certifications for Your Team

Sales is widely known as a difficult job. It is often attributed to the traits of a person. Therefore, unlocking your potential is paramount in staying competitive in today’s dynamic marketplace. While experience and skill development play significant roles in shaping successful sales professionals, obtaining relevant certifications provides you an edge. This blog will explore the

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Top 15 Tips to Approach Strategic Sales Planning for Your B2B SaaS Company

Approaching strategic sales planning for your company can be tricky. It’s a comprehensive approach to adapting and thriving in the changing sales landscape.  According to Forrester’s Winter Sales Survey, 2022, 72% of first-line sales managers from high-performing organizations agree that sales transformation must be a major initiative in their organization over the next three years.

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The Ultimate Guide to Sales Development Representative: Roles, Tools, Challenges, and FAQs

A Sales Development Representative (SDR) is responsible for generating and qualifying leads, which are critical to the success of any sales team. Without SDRs, sales teams would be running blind and they’ll struggle to identify and pursue potential customers. This would ultimately lead to decreased revenue growth for the organization. In this guide, we will