• Building a 10X outbound engine
    Growth is extremely important in SaaS companies. But it’s hard.  Very hard. Especially outbound.  How do we get our heads wrapped around a 10X outbound growth engine?  Before we get to outbound lead generation, let’s understand painkiller and vitamin businesses.
  • 5 Ways to Generate High Quality Outbound Leads
    Every business worth its salt knows that a non-existent lead generation channel means doom. There are two types of leads that businesses get- inbound and outbound. Inbound leads are prospective customers who knock on your doors because they have heard about you through a blog, a PR article, or listened…
  • 5 Simple Breakup Emails that Your Prospect Can’t Resist Replying
    Unlike in real life, where the purpose of a breakup is to end a relationship, break up emails have precisely the opposite objective. Break up emails are the last attempt to re-engage a prospect. The reason is hardly difficult to
  • Best Use of Data to Personalize Your Marketing Campaign
    90% of US customers find personalized marketing content to be extremely attractive, and are more likely to convert when their needs are discussed in your communications. If your marketing strategy isn’t data-driven, then you are depending on your hunch, that’s
  • 7 Touches that Lead to a Sales Closure
    Sales touchpoints are all those routes through which prospects or customers can communicate with an organization and form, maintain or change their opinion about the organization or a brand. At these touchpoints, they may simply request or deliver information, or
  • 8 Cold Email Tips to Increase Your Reply Rate
    If you’re a marketer looking for proven cold email tips to increase your reply rate, you’re not alone. Most marketers have to battle the frustration of poor response rate to cold emails. All your efforts of collecting email addresses of
  • Why Short Follow-up Works with Prospects
    Follow-up emails are important, but not always easy to write. About one out of every three people on your sales team may find follow-up the most challenging activity. But it’s a fact that you need to send a follow-up email
  • Will phone follow-up annoy your prospects?
    Your salesperson has done ample research on the prospect. Your product is exactly what the organization is looking for, and the salesperson has even managed to get on a call with the prospect. The prospect did express mild interest, so
  • Choosing the Right Channel for Follow-up
    Do you know what is the simplest formula to increase sales?  Follow-ups. It is so essential to your sales plans, but largely ignored. Salespeople do not want to come across as pushy by asking their prospects over and over again.
  • 5 Tips for Incorporating Empathy into Your Sales Emails
    An estimated 306 billion emails were exchanged per day in 2020 (Source). Given such a huge number of emails crowding the inbox, it’s very difficult to get your prospect’s attention unless you work with a well-thought out email marketing strategy.
  • Best Interval Between Your Sales Follow Ups
    “I have sent you more than 15 emails so far. Why didn’t I receive a response yet?” Do your sales people send follow-up emails like this to your prospects?  If that’s the case, then there is a long learning curve
  • Why do Most of your Emails End Up in Promotional Tabs?
    Gmail rolled out the Promotions tab in 2013 and many predicted that it would be the end of email marketing. It has been seven years since then and the ROI of email marketing has only increased. A study by ReturnPath
  • Soft Bounce vs Hard Bounce – A Summary
    With a mind-blowing ROI of 3,800% in 2020, it’s a shame if you do not indulge in email marketing. Building an email list is a time-intensive process and involves a lot of effort; and it is worth it because of
  • Don’t pitch in your cold outreach
    Cold outreach emails give you very little feedback; hence, it’s difficult to craft a perfect cold email. Most of what you learn there is through experimentation. The open rates for emails are about 20.94% (source). That shows there’s a lot
  • 5 Best Sales Engagement Practices for Growing Teams
    If you head a B2B sales team, you should surely have a sales outreach strategy in your arsenal. Keeping the contacts in your CRM engaged is an art. You are either doing too much or very little. Finding that middle-ground
  • Best subject lines for Cold outreach
    A cold email is an email that you send to someone who has no existing relationship with you and hasn’t asked to be contacted. As an initial form of contact, cold email outreach is considered both powerful and challenging. That’s
  • How I consistently get over 75% cold email open rate
    17%. That’s the average email open rate for all industries in the US. In other words, for every 100 emails you send, only 17 people care to open it. If you are running a business, you might want a much
  • How to Plan an Email Marketing Strategy?
    Email marketing strategies are not everyone’s forte, which is why not every business is successful in implementing them. There is a lot of effort and time that goes into it. If you can strike gold with email marketing, it will