Best sales communities

It is no longer a secret that the sales world is evolving and becoming more practical every day. It is therefore crucial to stay up to date with market trends to maintain a competitive edge.

Furthermore, one of the most effective ways to improve what you do is to surround yourself with the right people. Getting involved with a community could be a good place to start.

Here are the 11 best communities that will help you initiate meaningful sales conversations and set you on your path to success –

1. RevGenius

RevGenius is an open B2B sales community with an ambitious bunch of learners that brings sales, marketing, and revenue operations together. 

Why join this community?

  • You’ll get to interact with some of the greatest minds in this community – you can become a mentor, find a mentor, and exchange tips and advice.
  • Access to their wide selection of community resources including articles on sales, marketing, revenue operations, and podcasts.
  • Growth opportunities – many people often post their company’s job openings for roles like SDR, customer success manager, head of sales, head of marketing, etc.
  • They conduct virtual events almost every day on hot & latest topics with people from C/VP/Manager levels as speakers.

Active members – 29,000

2. Bravado

Established in 2017, Bravado is a professional network that helps salespeople build and thrive in the careers they deserve. 

Why join this community?

  • Meet fellow salespeople to get tips on careers and selling.
  • Find a seasoned mentor who can help you exploit growth opportunities and survive through your tough times; meaning – they will help you find ways to overcome difficulties as a salesperson.
  • You can also give back to the community via your mentorship.
  • Benchmark performance against your peers which in turn contributes to learning some stuff.

Active members – 200,000

3. SalesHookup

SalesHookup is the Tinder of the B2B sales world. This platform literally ‘hooks’ you up with a potential salesperson. (Hence, SalesHookup) Meaning – based on your availability, you will be set up with a fellow salesperson for a 1-1 meeting for 30 minutes.

Why sign up for this?

  • You can learn the latest sales techniques from some of the top salespeople globally.
  • This platform can easily increase your networking – leading to more sales opportunities.
  • As an organization, you can save time and money by leveraging this community to train your salespeople.

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4. Presales Collective

PreSales Collective is a welcoming and proactive global community created to empower all curious minds in the presales industry. This community creates relationships and opportunities to become the most successful version of themselves.

Why join this community?

  • The community comes with an extensive knowledge hub full of articles, templates, frameworks, podcasts, and replays from past events.
  • Opportunities to advance your career in Presales.
  • Mentorship and support from presales professionals.
  • You can also join them on Slack where you can share tips and tools, receive invaluable guidance and advice, and establish meaningful connections.

Active members – 20,000+ on the website and 9,666+ on Slack

5. Women In Revenue

Women in Revenue is an organization that empowers existing & upcoming women leaders in sales, marketing, and other revenue-generating roles.

Why join this community?

  • You can network with a panel of top executives and allies in the community to learn what you desire.
  • You can explore a gold mine of articles, ebooks, on-demand webinars, infographics, and other useful resources on sales, customer success, marketing, and career growth.
  • Attend quarterly events.
  • The community also offers a ‘Mentorship Huddle’ through which the platform connects a mentor and a mentee on a 1-1 call to discuss specific topics.

6. SalesHacker

The largest and smartest community for B2B sales pros and for beginners looking to become sales pros! You will find a variety of salespeople from the initial stages of start-ups to well-established companies, sharing their expertise.

Why join this community?

  • You’ll find high-level and tactical sales strategies and hacks that are actionable from the greatest sales professionals.
  • Access to a gold mine of sales information – podcasts, articles, videos, training modules, webinars, and more.
  • You’ll have highly engaging conversations where you can share your pain and receive personalized solutions/ suggestions.
  • The community has a dedicated channel for jobs where you can start discussions around hiring for SDR or ask for help on getting hired as an SDR.

Active members – 166,000

7. r/Sales on Reddit

Sales subreddit is the rawest and most real community you’ll ever join. From sharing/ receiving sales hacks to confessing frustrations about customers, this community showcases the reality of sales.

Why should you join?

  • You can share your honest opinions.
  • Offer or receive mentorship from sales professionals across various industries and experience levels.
  • Most importantly, Reddit doesn’t require full names, profile pictures, or company affiliations. You can be anonymous and taunt your customers 😉

Active members – 154,000+

8. Modern Sales Pros

Aimed at improving your sales excellence, this community is specifically for people managers from sales management, operations, and enablement.

Why join this community?

  • Attend free virtual events to learn the latest sales techniques & strategies.
  • Access to previous event recordings.
  • Simplified recruitment – you can find people looking for career/growth opportunities and set up interviews easily.

Active members – 27,000+

9. Pavilion

Pavilion, previously known as Revenue Collective, is a community built exclusively to support revenue leaders. It has grown into an international community of members from the world’s fastest-growing companies.

Why join this community?

  • Unlimited access to templates, guides, and more resources.
  • Additional access to a private Slack channel, virtual events, and career opportunities.
  • Pavilion University provides learning programs on sales, marketing, revenue operations, customer success, finance, and leadership.

10. RevOps Co-op

RevOps Co-op is an interactive learning community for people that love revenue operations.

Why join this community?

  • Access to Slack AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions where RevOps professionals share their insights into the hottest topics in the industry.
  • You can get mentorship or become a mentor. They’ll help you curate 1-1 meetings with fellow community members at your convenience.
  • You can attend a variety of events, and take advantage of their resources such as video interviews and weekly newsletters to learn something new every day.
  • They also offer services like RevOps consulting and talent placement.

Active members – 6,000+

11. Hypcccycl

Hypcccycl, pronounced as “Hype cycle”, is an exciting community for Go-To-Market (GTM) professionals to help them understand customer lifecycle.

Why join this community?

  • You can participate in GTM Games – the B2B esports competition where the revenue leaders share their skills that got them to the top.
  • Exclusive access to the event recordings archive.
  • Also has a GTM-focused Slack channel where everyone can share and contribute to the community.

Active members – 41,000+ on Slack

Leveraging these communities

  • Every community comes with a set of codes for you to follow. Follow them and contribute as much as you receive from the community.
  • Don’t hesitate to converse. If you come across a question for which you know an answer, then go ahead and find the most appropriate way to reply.
  • Finally, building visibility in a community will take a lot of consistency in your interactions with fellow salespeople. Therefore, be consistent and valuable.

There you have it! All you have to do now is to immerse yourself in these communities to learn more and help others too. Ensure that you play your part the right way. Happy learning! 🙂

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