Create personalized content using our AI based writing assistant

Provide a consistent experience for your leads and customers by personalizing communications across different channels. Personalize, book more meetings, and increase customer retention with Salesgear.

Send hyper-personalized messages across several channels

Impersonal and generic messages through any channel can frustrate your leads & customers. Take a radical shift and show your prospects how much you care by personalizing your messages instead of merely pitching your product.

  • Use Salesgear's AI-powered writing assistant to create different variations of your LinkedIn introduction message and send the one that resonates the most with your prospects.
  • Create and execute tasks with personalized messages to build better relationships with your prospects & customers.
  • Maximize the impact of your meetings by sending personalized follow-up emails to your prospects post the meeting.

Make your automated emails humanized with Salesgear’s AI Writing Assistant

To be human is to be personal. But reps are tasked with a lot of responsibilities. There is no point in wasting valuable time writing different variations of emails. Fret not, Salesgear AI writing assistance is here to help.

  • Auto-generate intriguing subject lines for your emails to catch your prospects’ attention & boost your open rates.
  • Generate multiple versions of your original email and send the one that you prefer.

Optimize your personalized emails with A/B testing

A/B test multiple versions of your email before sending them. Find and save the ones that work for your audience as templates. Reuse them whenever you want.

  • Take out the guesswork and evaluate the impact of different email variants on your prospects.
  • Save your most effective performing emails as templates and keep reusing them.
  • Get insights into various engagement metrics like email opens, clicks, replies, and bounces for every email variant & make smart decisions further.

Win over your prospects with tailored messages sent from Salesgear.