Strategize your omnichannel outreach with Salesgear

Deliver a consistent and personalized experience across all channels of communication. Engage better with your prospects & customers to make their journey as smooth as ice.

Create hyper-personalized emails tailored to each prospect

Create & send hyper-personalized emails and automated follow-ups that hit prospects’ inboxes every time and take your outbound prospecting to the next level. Let your prospect resonate with the words in your email.

  • Don’t miss an opportunity just because you sent the email at the wrong time. Schedule & send timely emails based on where your prospects live.
  • Make your prospects feel warm by composing custom emails that each of them can relate to.
  • Get past the spam filters, ensure high deliverability rates with custom URL, and establish credibility with your email recipients.
  • Utilize sequence throttling to adjust the number of emails to be sent each day. Eventually, tune and increase your email volume as you grow the sender's reputation.

Prospect after prospect, make phone calls without any friction

Streamline your outbound call process and make calls effortlessly with Salesgear Dialer. Become a lightning fast communicator with your prospects, book more meetings, and close deals quickly.

  • Don’t toggle between different tools to handle your long list of outbound calls. Use Dialer to make unstoppable calls to your prospects without leaving Salesgear. Call, record, log, and repeat.
  • Record every single call and learn actionable insights from conversations for your own growth and for team-wide training and coaching.
  • Improve the buyer's journey and customer experience by giving yourself insights into how you can tailor future communication and interactions. .

Create truly devoted fans through social media

Own LinkedIn as your instant communication channel and have non-verbal conversations with your prospects at the right time. Give them the pleasure of receiving replies immediately with Salesgear’s LinkedIn task execution.

  • Create and execute personalized LinkedIn tasks without leaving Salesgear.
  • Deliver an exceptional customer experience by having direct one-on-one conversations on the platform they prefer.

Create seamless & cohesive brand experiences across all channels with Salesgear