Scale your CRM workflows with Salesgear+HubSpot integration

Boost your sales team's productivity with Salesgear+HubSpot. Say bye-bye to all the manual data entry & other mundane tasks 👋

Put an end to manually updating your contacts

Updating the details for hundreds of contacts in HubSpot manually is tedious and time-consuming. You waste your reps' time when they could be closing deals. But with Salesgear+HubSpot integration, you can -

  • Auto-sync new contact details from HubSpot to Salesgear and vice versa. Or sync both platforms simultaneously without the need for a third-party tool.
  • Update existing contacts in Salesgear automatically, if there’s a change in HubSpot. Save hours everyday to focus on critical activities.

Sync contacts from HubSpot to Salesgear with just one click

Don't create new contacts in Salesgear whenever there is a new contact in HubSpot. With the bi-directional integration of Salesgear & HubSpot, you can -

  • Auto-import inbound contacts from HubSpot CRM to Salesgear sequences and start nurturing them with just one click.

Make HubSpot CRM your single source of truth

Sync all the day-to-day activities that you perform in Salesgear to HubSpot. Have HubSpot CRM as your single source of truth. Do not switch between different tools looking for contact information.

  • Automatically sync copies of your emails sent, opened, link clicked, and replied from Salesgear to HubSpot.
  • Log all your activities in Salesgear like LinkedIn tasks, phone calls, and other custom tasks to HubSpot and maintain all contact conversations in one place.

Integrate Salesgear and HubSpot to maximize sales productivity