7 Touches that Lead to a Sales Closure

Sales touchpoints are all those routes through which prospects or customers can communicate with an organization and form, maintain or change their opinion about the organization or a brand. At these touchpoints, they may simply request or deliver information, or may actually make a purchase. In its essence, a touchpoint is an experience. The quality

Choosing the Right Channel for Follow-up

Do you know what is the simplest formula to increase sales?  Follow-ups. It is so essential to your sales plans, but largely ignored. Salespeople do not want to come across as pushy by asking their prospects over and over again. While no one likes being sold to, salespeople need to understand that picking up the

Best Interval Between Your Sales Follow Ups

“I have sent you more than 15 emails so far. Why didn’t I receive a response yet?” Do your sales people send follow-up emails like this to your prospects?  If that’s the case, then there is a long learning curve ahead for them.  Here’s a simple question- what is common between David Ogilvy, Zig Ziglar,