Slide your inbound leads into your sales pipeline smoothly

Personalize and scale every single step of your outreach. Nurture your inbound leads and gradually fill your pipeline using Salesgear.

Turn your qualified inbound leads into meetings

Every inbound lead is worth gold because you have the right person who is interested in finding out more or even buying your product. So, nurture them with targeted emails and automated follow-ups by scheduling channel-specific drip campaigns.

  • Send instant follow-ups to your inbound leads 24/7 to keep up their pace.
  • Increase conversions by engaging inbound leads across multiple channels - emails, phone calls, LinkedIn.

Direct your SDRs only towards qualified leads

“Do I want more leads or do I want better leads?” It’s always quality and not quantity. Achieve a balance between these two and let your SDRs focus on the right qualified leads.

  • Equip your reps with highly engaged contacts using triggers. Take action whenever there is a contact engaging with your content.
  • Plan and execute long-term nurturing campaigns for strategic inbound leads.

Integrate with your favorite CRM & marketing automation systems for a frictionless data sync

Don’t spend all time setting up & configuring tools. Salesgear integrates with all the major CRMs and marketing automation systems, so you can focus on leading inbound leads and other high-impact activities.

  • Integrate with Pipedrive, Hubspot, Salesforce, and Zoho in just one-click.
  • Auto-sync email, call, and task activities from Salesgear to your CRM and vice versa.

Make your automated emails humanized with Salesgear’s AI Writing Assistant

Reps have a lot of responsibilities other than selling. But wasting your valuable time in writing multiple versions of emails shouldn’t be one anymore! Let our AI Writing Assistant draft your emails.

  • Auto-generate intriguing subject lines for your emails to catch your prospects’ attention & boost your open rates
  • Generate multiple versions of your original email and choose the one that you prefer
  • Leverage the power of AI and use our writing assistant to write LinkedIn introductions

Step up your outreach game with data-driven insights

Track your team’s progress & make performance-based decisions with auto-generated reports. Find insights on team’s productivity, conversations with customers, and channel effectiveness with a flick of a switch & make the right decisions.

  • Identify top performers, replicate, and preach the best practices across the team.
  • Know how your reps are performing. Find loopholes and make your reps’ day more productive. Keep executing & sharing your high-performing insights with your team to make actionable decisions.
  • Determine the effective email templates that work, the best channel, the right time to reach out to your prospects. When something works the best, automate & keep replicating it.

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